Reboot - Amy Tintera


This book took me by surprise!I was a little hesitant because I read reviews that had given the book 1-2 stars.But when I started reading it,I couldn't put it down!!It captivated me and put me inside the world Amy had created!!It was really good!!

The story begins with Wren...She is known as 178 in reference to the number of minutes she was dead before she came back to life.Due to the fact she is stronger!Human use her and all the Reboots to value for their services.Enter Callum who was dead for only 22 minutes.He isn't very strong and still acts like human.With his humor and his kidness he will keep Wren's interest!Human have all the Reboots in facilities. But interesting things starting happen and make Whren wonders if they tell the truth..


It reminds me a little of Divergent.And because I'm a big fan of this book I couldn't not like it!!My only complaint is that I want more action!!!I thought there were a lot but unfortunately for me not.This is the reason why I gave this book 4 stars.However it was fast paced,romantic and in some parts sexy!!!

The romance was sweet.I enjoed Wren's and Callum's relationship!The characters were so lovable,I couldn't stop myself from being intrigued by Wren and fell in love with Callum! I loved them both!!Wren is such a badass!!She doesn't has feelings so when Callum who is less hours dead and he still has feelings like human comes...he will change her world!


The ending made me want more!!!I'm glad the second book is already out!!!I'm going to start it soon!!!If you are fun of Divergent then give it a try!!I'm sure you will love it!!!

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