Sweet Filthy Boy  - Christina Lauren

Sweet Filthy Boy (Wild Seasons, #1)Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren
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I loved it! Sweet Filthy boy was funny, sexy and cute! I think the title for the book, totally fit with the male characters personality. Ansel was amazing, he captivated me and I'm sure he will steal your hearts when you finally meet him to! What I loved more in this book like in Beautiful Players is that her characters are so real, they are not perfect they have their problems like us in our every day life!!

The story begins with Mia who is in Las Vegas with her friends for vacation after graduating college and before moving to Boston. In Vegas Mia meets Ansel a Frenchman who instantly catches her eyes. There is an immediatelconnection between them, and something extreme happens that will change their lives...


Mia must decide if she will go to France with Ansel for the summer.. Must she follow her head or her heart?


She goes with her heart and she decides to visit France,
and they start a relationship based on sex..
But is the sex enough to make their relationship last?


I think I must go to France *sigh* Ansel was amazing! He was funny, sweet, charming, filthy and impulsive! I loved him! I'm going to buy the audiobook too, I want to listen him speaking French Mia was shy and she has to deal with a lot of things... Ansel was there for her and helped her to deal with some of them! But sometimes she pissed me off and I want to slap her! The plot was interesting with funny moments! The were a lot of sex scenes and they were so hot!!
If you are a fan of the Beautiful Bastard series I'm sure you will love it
If you are looking for a SWEET FILTHY BOY this is what you need!

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