Unravel - Calia Read


Wow what a crazy ride!!It will blow your mind!From the first chapter, I was hooked!!It had me confused and guessing all the way through the end!There where moments I thought I had figured out what happened and then I was like no it can't be this!This book is really unique!!It will captivate you!!
At the beginning I didn't know exactly what to expect with this one.I had read the synopsis and the only thing I was thinking it was "Wow I need to read this book immediately!!"  
The story of Naomi is confusing in the beginning..
Naomi is in a psychiatric hospital and she tells her story with flashback.The story revolved around her best friend Lana and Lachlan and Max the two men who was inportant in Naomi life's.From the first moment until close to the end  I couldn't stop wondering
 what really happened??
Lana and Naomi where opposites but perfect for each other.Lana was shy and Naomi was loud.Naomi was protective and care about Lana.She was a good friend and she was there whenever Lana need her!
I feel awfull for Lana's condition :// poor girl!I was intrigued by both men..While Max was hot and charming,Lachlan with one word he was perfect!!!I fell in love with him from the beginning!!He really cares about Naomi and he was there for her!! 
This book takes you through so many emotions. ..Slowly the secrets and truths of what really happen..will unravel and the end will leave you speechless!!
It's my first book from Calia and I would like to say she did an amazing job!!!
I can't wait to read more from her!!
If you are looking for a mind trip  which will blow your mind this is what you need!!I highly recommend it!!