Angels In Leather (Rebels On Bikes, #1) - Bella Jewel



This book was amazing from the beginning and I truly couldn't put it down!!Such a roller coaster of emotions!! It was different from your typical MC books!This book is dark. It has some ugly situations in it.It was going from one drama to the next one!!

Axel is a tortured soul and Meadow is fighting to survive the chase..


Angels in Leather is the story of Meadow.We read about her struggles to run and keep hidden the one thing her father made her promise to protect a USB and deliver it to one man and keep it away from Axel.Her old friend who always adored him..She doesn't understand what happened between her father and Axel and what lead Axel to kill her father..Now she has to run away.

The chase and banter between Axel and Meadow is wild and exciting!!Finally after a year of chasing her he catch's her. Once Medow and Axel finally find one another we start to learn piece by piece what has happened..

But Axel isn't her only worry.Beast is after her and believe me he is the worst!!He wants the same thing with Axel..but he doesn't care for if he get it he will kill her..

I really liked this story and the characters because it was so differnt!!

Axel is so tortured and broken!At the begining I wasn't sure if I like him but later when I understand why he is this way I loved him!!He is sexy,possessive biker!I like Medow too!!She is not so badass but she know how to stand up for herself!

The sex in this book was definitely a little different..but it was really so hot!!! :)) I wasn't sure if I must like it or not..because it's strange...but damn I really like it!!Wow!!


If you're looking for a hot dominant alpha male!!This is what you really need!!!An amazing book!!!Read it immediately!!