One to Hold - Tia Louise

This is my first book from Tia Louise and I can say that I really like her writing!!!
One To Hold is a quick, fun and hot read!! I was interested from the beginning till the end. Derek and Melissa were perfect together.I like both of them!!

The story begins with Melissa who is at a resort with her best friend Elaine.Melissa is trying to figure out how to get out of her previous life..Now is her oportunity to spend a week relaxing and receiving spa treatments.One night she ends up meeting the mysterious,handsome Derek Alexander...

The chemistry between them from the begining is full of passion...


I like Derek from the begining!!He is really gentleman!!He is a hot ex-marine, ex-cop.He knows the minute he sets his eyes on Melissa that she is sad and he wants to make her happy.This is something new for him..He hasn't had these feelings for years and didn't expect to feel this feelings again..I like the way he treats Melissa!
The chemistry between Melissa and Derek is amazing,electrifying and truly heartfelt.The sex scenes where hot and sweet at the same time!


Melissa and Derek have a glorious week together, and it's obvious they both want to continue to explore whatever they have with each other. But Melissa is definitely running from something and Derek seems to have secrets..And believe me when I learn what Derek is holding back I was shocked!!!

Can they manage to be together??
Can Melissa run away from her problems?

This is a great journey!I really enjoyed it!!
I recommend it to anyone who love romance with suspense!!

A copy of One to Hold was generously provided to be by the author in exchange for an honest review