Try - Ella Frank




This book totally hooked me from the first page until the end!!!
I love Ella's writing and with this challenge writing a M/M she proves how great author she is!
This is my first M/M from a woman author and I didn't know what to expect...Ella didn't disappoint me!!Try is amazing!!!

"There's no one here and no one is going to come in. Just do it,"

Logan is a confident, sexy and arrogant guy who likes sex and he doesn't care if it's with women or men…He isn't the monogamous type and the only thing he wants is to have fun!!
Until he meets… the new bartender who works at Logan’s favorite after work spot.,,
The only thing Logan wants is to have this man in his bed...


Tate…mmmm he is gorgeous and divorced...but the fun is that he is straight!!
But he is intrigued from Logan...He can't understand what he really feels...and afraid to Try anything...with Logan
Can Logan manage to make Tate Try things that are unusual for him????
When they are finally together things start being more serious...they want more than only sex...
Can they manage to keep their relationship??
There are problems that they must tide over...

I loved the chemistry between them from the beginning!!These two have a passionate connection!


This book is really hot and steamy!!!For me it's one of the hottest books I have ever read!!
I fell in love with the boys!!!I like Logan's smart mouth

"Tate you're sexy as fuck.The minute I saw you,I got hard.When you opened your mouth,I became one hundred percent interested.And when you kissed me?I lost my damn mind.I'll be as patient as I need to get you inside me." (omg Logan *sigh*)

and Tate…well I like everything about him!

I can't wait for Take!

Thank you so much Ella and Rosalinda!!

*arc kindly provided by author, Ella Frank in exchange for an honest review*