Lily of the Valley (Flowering, #1.5) - Sarah Daltry

 I haven't read the first book but I really like Lily of the Valley!! Jack is so hot!!Jack is a junior in college on a scholarship...  His father is in jail and his mother is dead...Everyone have the wrong impression for him...He is a bad boy...but he works hard and tries to make things better!When he sees Lily, he knows she is too innocent and out of his league...Jack and Lily are so different from each other but when they are together it feels so right.. Jack doesn't feel like he deserves love... When he begins to spend more time with her he understands what it feels like to be in a relationship.. He starts to think that maybe he could be boyfriend material after all but only for Lily. They have a hot and heavy romance!!I really enjoyed  both characters!They  are so real!I think that this story will touch anyone! It was a heartwarming story!!!I recommend it to anyone!!!