Uncivilized - Sawyer Bennett


This book was really good!!It reminds me Tarzan and Jane but here Zach is more naughty!!From the momment I saw the cover and read the synopsis,I wanted this book!!I loved the plot,it has something different from the others books I have read!!Here you will not find a billionaire,a rock star or an anti-hero here we have only a hot unsivilized man!!What I loved more was Zach's dominance!!!OMG this man was such an alpha male!!


Moira Reed is an anthropologist who has to retrieve Zach who lived in the Amazon junkle for 18 years after his parent death.But what she expected has nothing to do with the reality!!!She will find a wild,handsome,dominant alpha male who doesn't have boundaries!!!


I liked both characters and I can say that their connection was evident from the moment they looked each other,I could feel their desire and passion!!And this made me to crave seeing them together !!!I loved watching the progress of their relationship!How they start learning things about themeselves,asking questions.

Zach has feelings for Moira and this is a mystery for him because in his culture there was only sex.They didn't have kisses,hugs or touches.So you can think that it was funny watching Zach to feel everything that it's new for him!!!

The sex scenes was of the charts!!!OMG How I loved Zach!!His nature and the dirty talk make the sex scenes even hotter!!!


There were also funny momments like the fact that Zach prefered to be naive and also when Zack learned about the internet and what he finds :)You can see my big enthousiasm for Zach so you can understand that a big part for my rate system goes to him!!!

If you are looking for something a little bit different to read check this one!!!You will find hot momments that will make your pants wet and an ALPHA MALE!!!


ARC kindly provided by author in return for an honest review