Maybe Maby - Willow Aster


"Being with you makes me forget who I really am."

What a unique and briliant story!It was sweet and crazy!!!I really loved it!!I haven't read something like that before!I really didn't expected something like that when I start reading this!!It was refreshing and I didn't want to stop reading!!!The characters were lovable and made me want to know more and more about them!!I read it in one day!!!So you can understand how much I loved it!!!Before I start telling about the book I would like to say that I fell in love with Maby and Coen!!!!I will definately re-read this book again soon!!


Maby is not your typical character...she is a little different,she has a condition known as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.She is counting her steps, locking and unlocking her doors and she is washing or sanitizing her hands.Also she lost the important people in her life!Her boyfriend who broke up with her,her mother who died, and she has no friends. Her character was so unique!I loved her so much!!She is funny,sweet and quirky!!


But what will happen when she will meet the cute barista from La Colombe coffee shop??

"Do you feel this Maby?I could almost swear that you feel it too."

Coen was so perfect for Maby!!He is such a cute guy!!He had me swooning all the time!!OMG I finished the book and I'm still thinking about him! *sigh* He wants her so much!!!But she was afraid that she will destroy him.

"How about you let me decide the risk I'm willing to take?No one is perfect.I'm certainly not.I have had pretty good luck with my intuition though and I've always had a really good feeling about you."


But he isn't the only one who is in her life!There is still her ex-boyfriend Dalton who I didn't like at all and I can't believe that someday she was with him!!!Really he is a jerk!And Saul who was her friend and something has happened with them..but he decide to stay back..Now he is back and tries to start something with her!!

Like I said before Coen is my favorite and the one that I wanted with Maby!!They were so cute together!!And Coen's family was so good!!!

Please you must read this book!!!It was so real and unique!!Everybody must give it a shot!!!I hope you will like it as much as I do!!!

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