Captured - Jasinda Wilder


"You captured me, and my life changed again. For better this time."

Wow what an intense and emotional read!!The story will take you on a wild ride you'll be crying one minute and then you will be happy!!It has all the package!!!Happy,sad and hot moments!I really love stories like this because the emotions you feel are so real!How difficult is to live with the fear waiting for your husband,your brother,your father who is in come back home alive?Everyday you're afraid because you might never see them again...This book made me cry a lot!!Especially in the first part which was really sad!!


This book was about lost,love and giving a second chanse in love..
Reegan and Derek find their way to each other after the loss of one person they they have to deal with the pain which is still in them...and to deal with the feelings they have for each other...

"What's happening? Here, between us."
"Something wrong? Something right? I don't even know."


I will not say anything else about the story because I think everybody must experiense this amazing story!!

I really liked Reegan!!She is such a strong character!!She was alone with a kid but she managed to be strong for her kid,she was an admirable character and a fighter!!!Everybody must take courage from her and mimick her behavior!And for Derek I will say that he is really a hero!!!They have a second chance in life!!

"You have to believe that I can and will love you, and be there for you, and be what you need, no matter how scary things get."


The sex scenes were so hot and intense!!Especially the one that was so long!!!I don't think I have ever read a scene like that!!!

Definately a book that everybody must read!!!

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