Hydraulic Level Five - Sarah Latchaw


This was a big surprise for me...because I wasn't sure if I love it.But believe me it was amazing and so unique!!It captivated me from the beginning and made me want to read more and more!! It was absolutily amazing!!!It was so realistic!!!I think everybody should give it a try!!!I loved it so much that I didn't have a problem that there wasn't sex in the book.You know sometimes books are much better without sex!!It was a book about love,friendship, betrayal ,hurt and second chances.


What do you think about second chances? Is it easy to give second chances? Is it worthy?

This is what exactly you will find in this book..

This is Samuel's and Kaye's story..They were friends when they were young and then they married..but something happened and they divorced...Now after years Kaye she will see Samuel again in his sister's wedding..


But Kaye hasn't dealt yet with the fact that they were not together and she is still in love with him!
Now they decide to give a second chance to themselves by becoming friends...But as the days past..Kaye will learn some things that she didn't know....Sam has still feelings for Kaye too..

But are they going to admit it?Can they forget and forgive?

Both characters were so realistic!They have many issues and some of the things they did was stupid but still I loved them so much!!Especially Samuel..He didn't has an easy childhood!He was a tormented author.I really liked him!I liked Kaye!She still cares for Sam but she afraid to give away what she really feels.I also loved a lot Samuel's family who were everybody lovable characters.The memories from their childhood was also beautiful!


The author's writing is so beautiful that I felt I was a part of the book!!!I got an ARC for the second book and I can't wait to start it and follow Sam's and Kaye's journey in the second book...which Lucia told me it's more emotional...so I must prepare myself....before I start it!!I'm so anxious for the next book!!

If you are looking for something unique read it!!!

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