Lead Me Not - A. Meredith Walters


This book really perplexed me!So I decided that I must read it again!And I did it!!I didn't post any status because I wanted to be more concatrate and finally write my opinion about this one...The second time I read it was better because I understoond more things and now I can justify some of the characters' choices!This book is realistic.The author pragmatically us into one of the most prominent social phenomena,drugs.And how this affects the relationship between the user and other people.

Both characters were broken..for different reasons but somehow they have something in common.She is a student who is a drug counselor ,she has lost her sister from drugs and now she is in a group which help people who need help.She meets Max who is doing drugs..but also he has secrets...
What exactly makes her fall in love with him???
I really don't know..I even don't know how she fell in love so strongly for him...


Aubrey wasn't the best heroine...she pissed me a lot.I was wondering why she was with him..what she wanted?To save him??
I didn't feel that there is a relationship between them...or a friendship..

However the ending was interesting..making you to think what will happen...I saw that there will be a second book..I'm going to read it and see how the author will continue the story..
It's not an easy book and it's not happy...If you like realistic books then maybe it's for you....

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