Dust to Dust - Karina Halle

5 STARS for my favorite book and for Perry, Dex <333



OMG Can you believe it????
It's over! I can't believe that the best series I have ever read has come to an end. I'm so sad! I will miss these characters and this story so much. Each book was so unique!! There is so many things that I loved about this series! This series is one of that you never want to end....It was an amazing journey! Like all the previous ones, this book was funny, sexy and really scary!!

The books starts with Dex missing. So Perry with Ada's and Maximous's help goes to New York to find Dex....
But what she will meet there??
Be prepared....And I advise... it's better to read this book during the day..(I made the mistake of reading it at night...and believe me it was scary!!!)


Have you ever had a huge crush with a fictional character that you'd always be thinking of him??? This is exactly what happened to me with Dex...This man...OMG He is smartass, sexy, sometimes a little bit of an asshole( not in the last books) but still I'm so in love with him! I loved his sarcastic comments and I will miss them...all of them!! And Perry..she is the best heroine ever!!! She is funny, strong and spunky!!!
Their combination was amazing as a couple and their hotness was off the charts!! There is so much passion between them!


Karina Halle is so talented!!! Please if you haven't read this series yet give it a try! I'm sure you will fall in love with Perry and Dex!!
I can't wait for Ada's book...and hopefully we can see Perry and Dex again <33
Thank you so much Karina for another amazing book!!! This was the series that made me love you as an author and believe in you and your talent to write amazing books that captivate readers!!!


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