How We Deal With Gravity - Ginger Scott

How We Deal with GravityHow We Deal with Gravity by Ginger Scott
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What a beautiful and lovely story about a mother who struggles for the best for her son!!How easy is to be be alone with a child who has autism??This book made me think so many things about life!!!There were so many parts in this story that brought tears to my eyes sometimes for happy moments and other times for sad moments!!

Like I said this is Avery's story a single mother,her husband left her when he learns that his son was autistic.Now she lives with her father who helps her as much as he can.Enter Mason her crush from high school, who has broke her heart..


So when she learns that he will live with them in the same house what will happen?
Can she forget that he broke her heart,does she has still feelings for him???

Avery and Mason have changed drastically from 5 years ago...They are not the same people...

I really liked Avery!!She is an amazing character!!She is strong,taugh,sweet and romantic!!!She cares so much for her son,he is her priority!!!She is doing everything for him!!Mayson....mmmm I adored him!I liked so much the relationship he developed with Max(Avery's son) and also I liked the relationship he has with Avery's dad!!Except from hot he is also such a sweet boy :))) *sigh*


What I loved more about this book was that I felt like I was a part of the story from the beginning till the end!!!I don't know how it is to have a child but the story engaged me so it gets major points for that!!

I highly recommend it to anyone!

( Sorry guys,my review is so short but I'm not in the mood for long's so hot here and I'm working -.- hopefully I'll post a longer review soon)

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