Break the Sky - Nina Lane

This book was perfection!!!Like all Nina's books!!!I am a big fan of Nina's Lane!I was mesmerised by her writting in Spiral of Bliss series, and I wanted to read whatever she would write!!When I saw that she has a new book with Dean's friend Kelsey I was so happy!!!I devoured this book so much!Nina's writing is magnificent!!

Kelsey is Dean's best friend.She is a professor too.She wants to be respectable from her students and the other professors.She cares a lot about her reputation and she wants to have control in her life.

But what will happen when she met Archer,Dean's brother????Can she resist him???


I don't think that there is someone who can resist Archer West!!!!OMG he is so hot!!!Archer is a bad badboy!!He is sexy as helland so bossy in bed and with Kelsey ;))) I liked him a lot!!!I liked how their relationship developed between Kelsey and Archer.Their relationship was like fireworks!!They were opposites in character but they fitted like the pieces of puzzle!

What can I say about the hot scenes????OMG so scorching hot!!!Really I liked how bossy Archer was in bed :)) and Kelsey liked too!!!


I loved this book so much!!!!God I can't choose if I liked more Archer or Dean!!!I liked both of them!They are different in so many ways!!!But I loved them both!!!I higly recommend it to all Nina's fan,to people who like bad boys ;) and to fans of Spiral of Bliss series!!

Get ready and meet the bad boy Archer!!!! :)))


Full review to come at 30 July in the blog tour!!

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