For Fallon (Chicago Syndicate Book 1) - Soraya Naomi



First of all I would like to congratulate Soraya for her first book and also to thank her for giving me an ARC!!This book was really good!I was captivated from the prologue...I wanted to read more and more!I loved the writing style!What I liked a lot in this book was that there was action!Also I like her characters and the story, how it was developed!!I can't wait for the next book!!

The story begins with Fallon who is in a club with her friend and she meets a mystery man,Luca and imidiately they will be attracted to each other.. (my only complaint was that their relationship progress was very soon,for me I need to know more the characters and then to happen something.But this wasn't a big problem because I liked the writing.)


But who exactly is Luca????
And what he wants from Fallon???
Lucas was mysterious and so hot!!At the beginning I wasn't sure what he was exactly!!But lucky for us we have his POV too so you can see what he is exactly!!!
He has his secrets...but can he keep all his secrets far from Fallon...

But what happens when you're in the wrong place at the wrong time?
After an incident that occured to them everything will change between them...

As for Fallon I liked her,the fact that she was reading a lot and has a goodreads account lol :)) I thought she was me!!Her character was real!!

I loved that we have both POV because I really wanted to know what they thought and what they were doing!!!So for me Lucas POV was a plus :))
Like I said in the beginning I loved this book !!!Amazing job Soraya!!Well done!!Can't wait for the next book!!!

*Arc generously provided by Soraya Naomi in exchange for an honest review.*


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