Devil's Game - Joanna Wylde

Devil's Game (Reapers MC, #3)Devil's Game by Joanna Wylde
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5 Biker Romeo and Juliet STARS <33

Absolutely fantastic!!!This is by far the best book of this series!!!I really loved all the books but this one was so unique!!I freaking loved it!!!This book was completely unexpected and different in a good way!I couldn't guess how it would end!!It kept my interest until the end!!!

This is the story of Emmy and Hunter...Em is the daughter of 'Picnic' the president of Reapers, and Hunter is a loyal to Devil's Jack.Two motorcycle clubs which are enemies...


What will happen with the motorcycle clubs?
Are they going to unite for the common good, or they're going to war?

Em is nothing like the typical female characters in the other Reaper books!!She is such a kickass!!I really loved her!!I think I have a crash in her!! :)) She doesn't afraid to get involved with a biker!!She knows how it works and what it means to grow up around bikers.She is strong and she doesn't afraid!!I find her an enjoyable character!!Hunter *sigh* because of his background, he doesn't really understand love but when he meets Em everything changed.. I loved him!!!He is so hot!!He is absolutely an ALPHA male!!I couldn't resist him!

Em and Hunter were perfect together!!The chemistry between them was off the charts!Hunter became the man that Em needed!!Together they managed to get through a lot in order to come out in the end..

"But you're mine now.I won't be sharing you,I won't be leaving you,
and I sure as fuck won't let the Reapers take you away
from me."


OMG Joanna did it again!!!I loved her writing!!She managed to make her characters so real!!It was definately worth the wait!!I want to see what will happen in Picnic's book!!I highly recommend it!!!

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