Hothouse Flower - Krista Ritchie, Becca Ritchie

+5 Ryke Stars <3

"Ryke Meadows has invigated my body and soul.
He is more than just my pillow.
My wolf.
My bodyguard.
He's my everything."

This is PERFECTION!!This is one of the best book I have ever read!So many amazing journey!I'm so in love with the characters!Ryke and Daisy are so dynamic together!They are perfect for each other.I didn't want it to end!It was a long book but I wouldn't have problem if there were more!I hope the authors decide to write another book for them!!

The story begins with Daisy who finally becomes 18.Her relationship with Ryke is better than ever and they are much closer than before.

"I've never met a fucking girl that I wanted to stick around for longer than a month.."

Daisy goes to Paris for fashion week while Ryke is in California.Something awfull happens to Daisy..and Ryke will be there for her..


I loved both so much!!They create a strong bond!!Both have their problems but they has each other to help one another.I loved Daisy.She is sweet,funny and adorable.I hate her mother, who didn't let Daisy live her life! 


Ryke,Ryke *sigh* Why must these guys be only in books??? He is amazing!He cares so much for Daisy,he would do anything for her.

"I kissed you tonight because I want your lips to only touch mine.From now until forever.
That's the fucking truth."

He is so smart,cocky,funny and sexy!But he prefers not to show his real self to everyone.


I feel sorry for him because Daisy's mother and his brother, Lo, treat him so bad.However, Lo manages to change my mind towards the end!I laughed so loud with the boys :D Ryke,Connor and Lo!They have so many funny dialogues!!

I could read this book again and again!So much I loved it!!I want to say thank you to the amazing authors Krista and Becca for this brilliant book!!Well done girls :))
You did it again!!