Hero - Leighton Del Mia



Wow! Hero is unlike anything I have ever read,it was weird!This is an intense book!!It's difficult to tell you what the story is without giving it all away so I will try as much as I can to not spoil..

Cataline had a tough childhood. Her parents were killed in a fire when she was young and she was placed in foster care.She lives a quiet life and she secretly has a crush on her boss at the company she works at but she also daydreams about Hero...
New Rhone’s vigilante.


Cataline’s friend encourages her to step outside of her comfort zone and she wants to try..
Until one night everything changes when she kidnapped and all she thought she knew is shattered...
Cataline does not know who her kidnapper is, but she's determined to find out.
But can she handle who really is her captor?
Can she survive the lies and the secrets?


The two main characters are both very determined.
Calvin is sexy,protective and fierce but he's also something else.He is a tortured soul who doesn't believe he needs love and he thinks that he isn't worthy. In the beginning I didn't like him a lot, because he is dark and disturbed. But he is also good and cares a lot for Cataline and that is what make me change my mind. Cataline was determined! She wanted to learn what happened to her and she tried to find a way to escape.
I don't know what to say about the sex scenes...because some of them were really HOT but some of them...was crazy for me and very kinky!
This is a dark romance but it captivated me from the beginning! It was intense with hot and disturbing moments and also there is action!!!
If you like a dark romance with a HERO different from others, then this is what you need!