Before You Break  - Christina  Lee


"Guilt and regret are powerful things.But they can destroy your life.
Somehow you have to learn to forgive yourself so you can move on."

OMG This book was so beautiful!!You will fall in love with this story!I loved it more than the first book!!It was powerful and left me breathless !

Ella is Avery’s best friend and she is tired of her boyfriend.They don’t communicate on the same level anymore!While she was visiting him in the fraternity house she will meet Quinn.Who is sexy and popular in women but he keeps himself away from them..There is something between them..But at the beginning they fought their feelings for each other..Ella and Quinn both have to deal with a lost from their past.. Ella has to deal with her brother's loss while Quinn is dealing with the loss of a friend...

Are they able to begin to move on and live in the present instead of the past??

I loved both characters!!Ella was sweet and smart.And Quinn mmm *sigh* 
He was swoony,sexy and really care about the others.The two of them were powerful together!I loved the way the author managed to make me to connect with both of them and feel the things and the lost they were feeling!

Ella and Quinn had something real together.I like watching how their relationship developed!Both had been through so much pain in their pasts both they felt guilt for things that were truly out of their control.. Their relationship developed slowly and felt realistic.They had intense chemistry!

"I'm not going to kiss you,Ella.Not tonight." 
"Kissing you would be too easy,..and you're not a girl I want to be easy with."

"You're so damn sexy, Ella" "You make me want to do naughty things to you."


Before You Break is an amazing book.It's emotional,sexy,sweet,fun, and simply beautiful!I'm so in love with this series!!I can't wait for the next book!! <3