Broken Dove  - Kristen Ashley


"A new beginning.
A new life.
A new me.
All of it mine.
All of it made by my hand
my decisions, my work."

Wow I'm so devoured by this book!!It was amazing!!!As with most of Kristen's books! I just couldn't put it down!!!Broken Dove is full of romance, mystery, drama and fights!!The plot was so interesting and the characters was so lovable!!


The book begins with Valentine a which who bringing Apollo to our world and taking him to Madie the twin of his dead wife. Apollo decides to bring her to his world, as Pol his twin in our world abuses her. His world is full of Hewcrows, elves and more.
Apollo and Madie start their adventure...
I really liked that their love was not the insta-love type, but grew slowly as they got to know each other...
This helps the relationship take roots and turns into something epic and so beautiful.

“I tell you now, my poppy, for years, I never thought I would be happy again.
Never again. . . . . So I never imagined I could be happier.”

I also like that Apollo's two children are a big part of the book and he is a great dad.Is there anything in the world sexier than a perfect father?A man who calls his daughter “precious girl” and battles his little boy in a game of wooden swords before he comes to bed?? *sigh*

OMG Apollo
Their chemistry was off the charts!The sex scenes so HOT HOT HOT.


You’re gonna get a spirited heroine and a badass alpha male hero who knows how to treat a woman in bed ;)))

A fantastic read!!I can't wait for the next book!!!