The Golden Dynasty - Kristen Ashley


OMG I freakin loved it!!! I loved every damn thing about it!! I know I say the same thing about every KA book, but she is awesome!!I loved her writing! I fell immediately in love with the beautiful and gorgeous characters.The characters come to life and they are so real!!!I fell like I was there with them all the time!!

The story begins with Circe who wakes up one day to find herself in a cage and part of a bride hunt. She ends up being claimed by the King...Dax Lahn who was a barbarian king in a different world. But Circe isn't one to bow down and cower. She becomes the warrior queen to her ruthless warrior king. There were a few times I was pissed with Lahn but the most times I really found him so sweet.I loved him!! And I understood why he treats Circe like that because he wants the respect of his people.


Lahn is an enjoyable hero to read!He doesn't see what he does wrong cause it's their way of life and it's all they know in the Korwahk.But meeting Circe he will learn how to treat her...I love when he learns how to talk her in English (Valerian)
I loved Circe!!!She is really a strong heroine!!She fights for women in this world.
Their relationship reminds me of Khal Drago and Daenerys of Games of Thrones. She starts out scared but willing to fight, while he is hard with no emotions. Then she quickly turns things and their love grows into something strong and amazing!


"Out there,King Lahn is a fierce warrior but in here my Lahn..kah Lahn is sweet."
"Fierce warrior sweet."

"You're my gold, your cunt is my liquid gold.I will have your mouth,you will give it to me.Then I will have your spirit, Circe.I will own it.Always."

This book was definitely different from the typical Kristen's books! The world and culture Ashley built was amazing. I loved this book because it was a darker and more intense! I recommend it to everyone!!