Kiss the Sky - 'Krista Ritchie',  'Becca Ritchie'



"I want you for eternity, not for a brief finish line.
There's no one after you."

Wow this book was amazing!I couldn't put it down!This book reminds me the show "Keeping up with the Kardashians" And I really love that show, I'm a big fan,so now you can understand how much I love this book! :)) While I was reading this I felt like I was there with them! This is one of those book you will want to read over and over again!
Rose is willing to do anything to make her business successful again... the question is what will she have to do?

A reality show starring herself,her boyfriend Conner, her sister Lily, Lily’s boyfriend Lo, her sister Daisy and Ryke. Rose convinces her family and friends to participate in this reality show to help her restore her dream.


But did she truly know what she was her family and friends into?

Once filming begins we can see the not so perfect side of the perfect couple that is Rose and Connor. Connor, is smartass but he isn't perfect, he had a not so perfect childhood. And Rose, she is not so selfish. She cares for her sisters and she will do anything to protect them! In this book Rose and Connor try to take care of everybody and they must decide what they are willing to give up in order to stay sane.


I fell in love with Connor and Rose...
Connor....mmmm He had me swooning all the time! He is a smartass, sexy, hot, competitive, possessive,successful! He insists that love has no place in his life and while he cares for Rose, love is not in the cards for him. Rose accepts this because she knows he has let her into his life more than anyone before!
Rose is competitive too but also she is an independent, confident virgin! She has her weaknesses and she is just like any other person.
And the scenes between them are so hot!!!!!

"I'm going to spread you so wide,Rose.Your whole body will ache for my hard c@ck."
"You'll come before I fill every inch of you."

You also will fall in love with Ryke and Daisy! I really can't wait for their book Kiss the Sky was sexy,hilarious and emotional! The story moves at a good pace and there were twists and turns that totally took me off guard! The characters in this book were so well developed!!
I recommend it to everyone!!!
If you like humor, angst and some hot and steamy sex this is what you need!

Alcoholic.Sex addict.Virgin.Smartass.Daredevil.Jackass


**ARC kindly provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review**