Come to Me Quietly - A.L. Jackson



" You were my first crush."
"And my only love."
"I've been waiting for you my whole life."

Come to Me Quietly was such an emotional and amazing book!! I loved every minute of it! I was so consumed by the emotions around Jared and Aly... both characters were so tortured from their past.
This is the story of two friends who turned to be lovers.


Aly has been living an empty life for the past six years after Jared her best friend and love of her life, was sent to juvie and then disappeared. All of a sudden, he shows up at the apartment she shares with her brother and starts staying with them.
Jared is fighting demons and running away from everything and everyone...and he believes that he's not worthy of anyone's love - especially not someone as good and sweet as Aly. When the two come together you are taken on an emotional roller coaster. You will feel every emotion while reading this book and this is why I loved it so much!!


Jared omg :(( he is so broken..I just wanted to hug his pain away. He feels unworthy and he thinks that he destroys everything in his path.Jared is one of the most tortured characters I have ever read.

"I ruin every fucking thing I touch Aly and I refuse to ruin you."

He was always taking care of Aly, watching over her and loving her.Now he has to struggle with his feelings, wanting her and knowing there's no way in hell he can have her...

"I've wanted to kiss you every single second of every single day the moment I opened my eyes to find you standing over me,Aly."

"Don't Jared. I need you..want you.I don't care about anything outside my door.Here it's just the two of us."

I loved Aly!!She was beautiful inside and out and she was so innocent!She cares for Jared and she want him,she thinks he is perfect for her. I enjoyed the back story of Aly and Jared's relationship when they were younger.It helped me to understand their journey.

This book is heartbreaking and the story will captivate you. I'd recommend it to everyone!!

ARC Provided by Author for an honest review via netGalley