Ashes to Ashes (Experiment in Terror #8) - Karina Halle



There are not enough stars for this book it was PERFECTION!!! If I could I would give it more stars!!! I thought that Dead Sky Morning and Lying Season were scary but when I finished this book I can say that this is the scariest one of all!!!

In this book Perry, Dex and their new member Rebecca who is their producer have to go to Oregon to a school for artistically gifted children. The school was a sanatorium for children who had TB.Noone has been left from the hospital alive.. This school is haunted....
They have to deal with the ghosts of dead kids and a creature that is haunting the place the building.


OMG I finished it and I'm not sure I can sleep!! It was really creepy!!

Dex and Perry are back and better than ever!! After all they've gone through, they deserve to be together.Their relationship takes a very serious turn in this book, and the sexiness is still there, it's hotter and there is more passion than ever!!!


"Perry,I love you,"
"I'm here.I'm staying here, by your side. This is more than just two people shacking up together.This is so much more."
"Because you're my girl. You're my woman. You're my partner. You're my lover."
"I'm just...I'm your fucking man, baby. That's all there is to it, I'm your fucking man. That is never going to change."


OMG *sigh* I'm a big fan of Dex! I love him!I like his humor and how sexy he is! He owns my heart FOR EVER!! We see a new side of Dex, in this book you feel how much he loves Perry in his protectiveness. And what can I say about the sexy times?
GOD!! !Why can't, there be a real Dex for me?? Please Santa Claus can I have a Dex for Christmas????
Perry omg she is amazing!I don't thing there is another heroine that I love so much!! I can say that I have a girl crush on Perry :)))! Finally she starts believing in herself more! She has grown up, now she is independent and can manage her parents.
I like Rebecca too!! She is such a lovable character. I liked her from the previous book!

And the ending WOW Karina for one more time she left me speechless!! I can't wait for Dust to Dust!!!

I've never been so hooked on a series that has so many books! Karina did an amazing job!! I love her writing!! She is one of my favorite authors!! I can't believe that there is only one book left in this series :((( I love these characters so much and I will miss them!!