Sex Love Repeat - Alessandra Torre


Wow I LOVE IT!This book blew me away!! Everything about it is so unique and intriguing!!I don't like love triangle so I was a little sceptical about this.But the difference with this triangle is that already the guys are aware of each other and have both accepted the situation that they are in. It may not be considered the norm but it certainly works for them!You may not agree with our characters but you will be hooked on them!!

The journey Madison takes is full of love,passion and twists...

"Whatever the emotion, whatever her temperature that day,there is always sex in those eyes.It floats off her skin,gleams in her eyes and is in every move of her delicious body.This woman cannot exist without sex."

She loves both the men in her life and she enjoys everything they have to offer her. Even though both Paul and Stewart know about one another she does not want the two worlds to collide...There are many shocking twists and turns in this book !!!This book totally messed me up!!

I love the connection I felt with Madison, Stewart and Paul!!
Stewart and Paul are so different.. yet they are similar too in so many ways....

"They both own my heart now, an equal decision fought over by two sets of blue eyes."


Stewart's priority is his job..he knows he can’t give Madison what she deserves.But he doesn't want to lose her,so must do something for this...He suggest her to have a second man to keep her from being lonely..And he does this because he wants to keep her in his life…


Paul,loves her so much and he can't say “no”, to whatever she ask him to do.The only thing which concern himself is surfing, and keeping Maddy happy!They surf, they love and they fuck.Paul accepts that she has a second man because it was what he signed up for, he’d rather have half of her than none..

It took me a while to decide who I prefer. But eventually I pick one :). But even with a chosen team, it is impossible to predict who could possibly get the girl..It's even harder to predict if anyone will end up happy in the end..

l like Paul so much!!! He is so in love with Madison and he would drop everything that is important to him to be with her or help her. This alone makes him the perfect man!!
I like Stewart too but he is so busy that he didn't have time for Madison but I can say that the sex scenes with him is really hot!!! :)))

This is my first book from Alessandra and I can say that I will read more books from her!!She is an amazing,brilliant writer!!She has the ability to drawing you into thinking one thing and then blows your mind with something else!WOW!!And this is what make the book amazing!!

If you need a passionate,erotic, heart wrenching book this is what you need!!!

*ARC courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review*