Welcome to Sugartown  - Carmen Jenner



Wow this book is so unique!!!
Welcome to Sugartown took me by complete surprise. It was funny,smart,intense and has a great dynamic between the characters. I loved that this book had a little bit of everything!
Ana, one sexy tattooed biker,a crazy best friend, a protective father and an adorable 6 year old younger brother :))

The storyline starts off cute and sweet and then it's take you on a wild ride !

Ana Belle lives in the small town of Sugartown. Only 19, she runs the family pie shop after her mother passed away. She dreams of leaving town but she can't. ...
Until she meets Elijah...The tall,tatt00ed,sexy guy who walks into her pie shop...
Elijah has left his past behind and now he works in Sugartown as a mechanic on her dad's shop. Her dad warns Elijah to stay away from her...
But he can't..
the only thing Elijah knows is that he wants Ana more than anything..

"I've been wanting to lay you out before me and kiss every inch of that fucking beautiful body since I first laid eyes on you in your parents' pie shop."


OMG Elijah *sigh*

I like him, I hate him, I love him....
I really like him for Ana!He really cares about her and all he wants is to protect her but there is one point where he literally broke my heart..
Ana is a very strong character.It's hard not to love her.
There are times when she annoys me and I want to jump in the book and drill some sense into her.

The relationship between Ana and Elijah isn’t easy...They have to learn to trust each other and to leave the past behind so they can move on!

The book is told from both Ana and Elijah's points of view. I like getting inside both of their heads but especially Elijah's. It was great learning his thoughts !

An amazing book!!!I can't wait for the second book!!