Axel - Harper Sloan




What a wonderful story!!A story about lost love and found...

Izzy and Axel met in high school and were that perfect couple that you knew was going to take on the world together.They were inseparable..

Until Axel decides to join the Marines and make something of his life. He has lived in foster care up until this point and hasn't had the best home life...
Things weren't good for Izzy..
First Axel is shipped off to the military,then her parents die,she loses a baby she didn't know she wanted until it was too late...


She finally gives in to what she hoped to be love again,only to find herself in one of the most horrific situations imaginable..
Abused and alone,Izzy doesn't see a way out.That is until it's almost too late. .


Two years later,Izzy is still struggling to get through every day without fear of having to look over her shoulder.
Her best friend Dee and Greg are there to help her though it all though,and to make her feel as safe as they can.With Ex-Military Greg by her side,she feels she can finally be happy again...

On her 30th birthday Izzy's friends convince her to take her out celebrating her birthday..But this birthday changed her life completely..

She never thought she would look in those green eyes again..


Axel never thought he would see her again. After being in the Marines for years, convincing himself she left him without a glance back, breaking up all their ties, anger boiled for years deep inside of him. But when he saw her...everything changed..

“Never again, Izzy West. I will never again let anyone take you from me, or anything from us.”

“She was mine.

She is mine.

She will always fucking be mine.”

I really liked the interactions between Izzy and Axel. They had drama, altercations, humour and full of passion.


This story was great! I really loved it!!!
I can't wait to read Cage!!