Madeleine Abducted - M.S. Willis


5 Darkly STARS

"I intend to introduce you to the darker side of life,to teach you what a man can do for you,to make you beg for more."

This is not your typical love story..It's a dark story..

It's a story about a girl Madeleine who is a cellist..she is shy and use her music as a protection to herself from the real world..
One night her life will change dramatically..

She will kidnapped by a cruel man who want to give her as a present to his son...

This is a game to him.He wants to make his son more evil than him.

Now Madeline is Aaron's slave and she must learn how to live in her new life


Aaron kills men for The Estate, in which his father is the controlling head.But he isn't like his father!He is a better person than even he realizes...He cares about Madeleine..She is like a drug for him..

I like Madeleine from the beginning!!She is a strong and brave character!!She tries to stand up against the man who controls her completely..


The bond that grows between them is slow building..and I like it!

"Dream of me Maddy.See me as I want to be; not the nightmare who torments you but the devoted and mystified man who worships at your feet."

She is light while I am darkness, she is raw beauty and so blessedly pure while I am nothing more than a poison to humanity.She deserves her life far more than I deserve mine."

If you want a dark book to captivate and blow your mind..This is what you need!!