Tears of Tess  - Pepper Winters


This book totally let me down.I was expecting more!THere was too much promotion for this book and I was expecting that it would be amazing!Finally all this enthusiastic anticipation turnt out in a really dissapointment..

It's a story about a young girl called Tess who went for vacation in Mexico with her boyfriend and there she was kidnapped and became slave of Q.

“My life was complete. Happy, content, everything neat and perfect.
Then it all changed.
I was sold.”

In this part I found Tess character really interesting!She is a strong person who initially was fighting for her freedom.. And she was trying to resist to all this situation.

In the middle of the story Tess manage to escape.As she was running she found a guy and he asked for his help, but it was proved that he was a bad person.He kidnapped her and he tried to rape her ( this part reminds me of a scene of killing Sarai ). After all Q saved her and she started accepting the fact that she was Q slave...


And recognized Q's world as the world she belonged to. That time they had sex. -.- and this part was weird for me and didn't make sense at all!!

I couldn't identify with the characters and sometimes I was feeling frustrated.

However I recommend you read this book and I'm waiting for your reviews!!!