Give Me Strength - Mrs Kate S McCarthy, Mrs Maxann Dobson

 Give Me Strength by Kate McCarthy
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"Some of us have to learn how to save ourselves.."

If you’re looking for a fast paced book with romance, suspense and funny dialogues then this is the book you need!! I’m so glad that there are so many funny and hot characters in this book!!

Give Me Strength introduces us to Quinn..
who suffers from a horrible lost...(view spoiler)[(he lost her boyfriend and then she was pregnant and her stepfather hit her and she lost her child..and now he continues to follow her as we will see in some parts of the book) (hide spoiler)]

Years later.. Quinn meets Travis in a bar and we get our first introduction to everything that is the sexy Travis looks like...


The attraction between Quinn and Travis is both physically and emotionally...

Quinn thinks she is broken but Travis decides that he is just the person to show her that love can fix the most broken of people. ...


OMG OMG Travis.....mmmmm
He is a badass with a heart. I loved his need to protect Quinn. He is what she needs to come out of the shell she has withdrawn into over the years. His always knew what she needed and how he could help her.

"You're so guarded and wary,Quinn.I can understand why, but maybe space is not what you need."
"What do I need?"


Quinn gives battles with her inner demons on a daily basis to overcome her haunting memories that have caused her to shut down... It was breathtaking watching her under Travis's gentle and loving affections

I really like this book!!!
I recommend it to everyone!!

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