Second Chance Boyfriend (Drew + Fable, #2) - Monica  Murphy

 Second Chance Boyfriend by Monica Murphy
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I freaking love it!!!!Amazing book!!!!
The whole time I was reading this book I had a smile on my face.Well pretty much the whole time.There were a few moments that didn't have a smile.But let's just say by the time I finished my face hurt from smiling so much!!There are a lot of happy moments!!!!


This book picks up 2 months after Drew left her behind to try to straighten out his life and the family devastation his stepmom dumped on him during Thanksgiving break.He is seeing a therapist to try to sort things out but he misses Fable and isn't sure how to get her back or if he is the man she deserves.The pair are reunited by chance when he goes to the new restaurant she is working at and when she spots him she wants to find out why he left her behind and if there is still a chance for them.
Putting their love back on the front burner means work but they are willing to try even though the odds are against them.

I loved this couple.We get to see so much love and strength between Drew and Fable develop and I loved it. And let me tell you, Drew and Fable make up for some lost time, and they are even hotter than the first book.I know right?! I fell in love with Drew all over again!!!!

For a passion that
Able to shine like ours
Blessed are we to
Each other

Drew the great poet.I loved him.Loved his little poems.
He is really broken, dealing with his past and fears. But still he tries to fix everything with Fable, he needs her to heal, both of them are one. I loved how he starts building his life once again, getting ready to feel and open up to a new life with Fable and dealing with his insecurities.He is so sweet!!!

Amazing story about love!!!!

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