Reckless - Skye Jordan

Reckless (Renegades, #1)Reckless by Skye Jordan
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This is the story about Lexi and Jax who try to find their true love...


Lexi is an up coming designer!She designs wedding dresses.Lexi wants to make a name and to see her dresses in stores around the world.She is closed off to relationships and is putting all her effort into launching her career!!


While she is at the airport waiting for her plane to go in New York, she is trying out a new APP on her phone that her best friend Rubi is working on!It gives Lexi the opportunity to find phone numbers from anyone close to her. So when she sees the hot badboy with tattoos she starts texting him!
Jax has no idea who she is...

Through some flirty text they both start wondering if there could possibly be more...And they come together for a one night stand.....

Jax is a stuntman!He gave up his Hollywood career just to get away from the superficial life...Women have hooked up with him,with promises of a relationship..but they truly want to use him for his fame or his connections... So Jax doesn't trust easily anymore and is immediately suspicious of any attractive interested female. .
(I love Jax

They start see each other...


Together they are nervous about who they are and what could happen if they were together... Jax wants her under any circumstances. But Lexi is so nervous about her "image" ..

“Tell me what I can do to make this work, baby.”
“I’m the last person to be giving advice on relationships, as evidenced by the lousy way I’ve handled this one from the start.”
“I’m no gem either.”
“But I’ve been through enough relationships to know when I’ve found someone I want to keep. And I want to keep you.”

There was so much chemistry between them!! The emotion between the two was so strong!!And about the sex scenes...OMG HOT HOT HOT HOT..And there are plenty of them!!!

“Open, baby,” he said, his voice darker than he’d ever heard it. Realized he liked it. Liked the way she made him feel so… alive. So… dark. So… okay to be dark. “Take me in.”


OMG!!Love this book!!!If you need a hot sexy funny and emotional book this is what you look for!!!

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