Steal My Heart  - Lisa Eugene


This is a story about Maggie...She is a nurse, who lives a truly boring life...but one day she meets Gabe a hot hobo under...unusual circumstances.Gabe...mmmm he is not an ordinary guy…he is an ex navy seal and now is doing the dirty jobs, that other people don’t want to do. He is the hot bad guy…


At the beginning Maggie is seeing the attraction and the chemistry between them, as the Stockholm syndrome and not as something strong. But after a while she starts to realize that she is feeling something that afterwards will change her life…

"This man was her captor, yet he freed her soul; he'd coused her agony,yet also delivered peace; every touch was ephoric pleasure,and still every word promised pain and heartbreak."

Spending time together, Gabe becomes more attracted to her. He feels things for first time...

"You're beautiful Maggie.So beautiful you take my breathe away.You make me forget who I am.""

I literally love this book!!! It’s so good!! The book is a fast paced and fun to read, with a great premise and interesting characters!!
It makes you turning the pages to find out what happens next!!
“Steal my Heart” kept my interest all the way until the end! I laughed very much!!

If you need a story of intrigue, action, fun and hot sex, this is what you need!!!


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