Fallen Too Far - Abbi Glines


Fallen Too Far is about 19 year-old Blaire who has to move into her father’s house after she loses her mother to cancer. She is left with nothing but has to ask her father who left her family when she was an early teen for help.
She has not seen her father in five years; he is now remarried to a woman she has never met.
Blaire makes the trip from Alabama to Florida where her father now lives; upon arriving she discovers her father is out of the country with his new wife. Her new step-brother Rush isn’t thrilled she is there with him and almost doesn’t let her stay.

He eventually lets her stay in the maid’s room under the stairs and makes her feel very unwanted.Blaire is as innocent as they come but beautiful. She only is staying at her father’s house until she can earn enough money to move out on her own.
Rush is a tattooed, tongue pierced, having sex with a different girl every night type of guy. I was confused with his character but I like him a lot!! Rush is intrigued with Blaire’s innocence and they become close..and develop a relationship.


Throughout the book a secret that Rush is keeping involving his half sister Nan is implied.
You have no idea what the secret is but my imagination was going on over load, thinking all different types of crazy thoughts.
I really enjoyed Fallen Too Far. I liked the characters, enjoyed the storyline, and can’t wait to read the next book in the series. I read this book in one long sitting,so that must say something about the book keeping my attention and entertaining me enough to not move.


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