On Every Street - Karina Halle


Karina Halle simply blows my mind with her writing!!I could not put the book down!!


I absolutely loved On Every Street.It sucked me in completely!
This is the story of how young Ellie goes back to Mississippi for revenge, but falls in love instead. Before heading to her revenge mission, she goes to Gus first.He's an ex-LAPD and a family friend and he trains her in becoming a good con artist.
He teaches her everything he knows. You can tell that he loves her like his own daughter.
I loved that Ellie had a father figure she could always count on apart from Uncle Jim. Gus gave her the best advises and I loved the scenes where she would turn to him.
After her training with Gus, young Ellie sets out to con in the real world.

She's very inexperienced and young, but vengeance is a great motivator. To take revenge, she decides to seduce a man who can get her close to the person she's after and this quy is Javier..
Javier and Ellie have this insta-lust/insta-love thing going on. Javier immediately feels possessive over Ellie and claims her as his woman the second time they go on a date.

At first I like Javier a lot...he was sexy and very nice...but in the middle of the book I find him obsessed and I think he is psycho... I didnt like him...

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