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Hello followers :) We are two Greek girls who are utterly obsessed with reading.Goodreads brought us closer so we thought that it would be a great idea to run a blog since we get along.We have almost the same taste in books and we enjoy a lot our crazy buddy reads.While we were messaging on GR we discovered that our tastes arent the same only when it comes to reading.

Reboot - Amy Tintera


This book took me by surprise!I was a little hesitant because I read reviews that had given the book 1-2 stars.But when I started reading it,I couldn't put it down!!It captivated me and put me inside the world Amy had created!!It was really good!!

The story begins with Wren...She is known as 178 in reference to the number of minutes she was dead before she came back to life.Due to the fact she is stronger!Human use her and all the Reboots to value for their services.Enter Callum who was dead for only 22 minutes.He isn't very strong and still acts like human.With his humor and his kidness he will keep Wren's interest!Human have all the Reboots in facilities. But interesting things starting happen and make Whren wonders if they tell the truth..


It reminds me a little of Divergent.And because I'm a big fan of this book I couldn't not like it!!My only complaint is that I want more action!!!I thought there were a lot but unfortunately for me not.This is the reason why I gave this book 4 stars.However it was fast paced,romantic and in some parts sexy!!!

The romance was sweet.I enjoed Wren's and Callum's relationship!The characters were so lovable,I couldn't stop myself from being intrigued by Wren and fell in love with Callum! I loved them both!!Wren is such a badass!!She doesn't has feelings so when Callum who is less hours dead and he still has feelings like human comes...he will change her world!


The ending made me want more!!!I'm glad the second book is already out!!!I'm going to start it soon!!!If you are fun of Divergent then give it a try!!I'm sure you will love it!!!

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Uncivilized - Sawyer Bennett


This book was really good!!It reminds me Tarzan and Jane but here Zach is more naughty!!From the momment I saw the cover and read the synopsis,I wanted this book!!I loved the plot,it has something different from the others books I have read!!Here you will not find a billionaire,a rock star or an anti-hero here we have only a hot unsivilized man!!What I loved more was Zach's dominance!!!OMG this man was such an alpha male!!


Moira Reed is an anthropologist who has to retrieve Zach who lived in the Amazon junkle for 18 years after his parent death.But what she expected has nothing to do with the reality!!!She will find a wild,handsome,dominant alpha male who doesn't have boundaries!!!


I liked both characters and I can say that their connection was evident from the moment they looked each other,I could feel their desire and passion!!And this made me to crave seeing them together !!!I loved watching the progress of their relationship!How they start learning things about themeselves,asking questions.

Zach has feelings for Moira and this is a mystery for him because in his culture there was only sex.They didn't have kisses,hugs or touches.So you can think that it was funny watching Zach to feel everything that it's new for him!!!

The sex scenes was of the charts!!!OMG How I loved Zach!!His nature and the dirty talk make the sex scenes even hotter!!!


There were also funny momments like the fact that Zach prefered to be naive and also when Zack learned about the internet and what he finds :)You can see my big enthousiasm for Zach so you can understand that a big part for my rate system goes to him!!!

If you are looking for something a little bit different to read check this one!!!You will find hot momments that will make your pants wet and an ALPHA MALE!!!


ARC kindly provided by author in return for an honest review

ARC Review: Skygods by Sarah Latchaw ~ Reviewed by Pavlina and giveaway

Skygods - Sarah Latchaw

Kaye Trilby and her ex-husband, world-famous author Samuel Cabral, vowed to fight for their rekindled love in rain or shine. They didn’t realize they’d be caught in a deluge so quickly.

A near-fatal skydiving accident shows Kaye how her reckless behavior affects the ones she loves. But while she knows Samuel is afraid to lose her again, she isn’t ready to give up the thrill of the wild backcountry.

Something darker is slipping into Samuel’s mind, though. The specters of his past are re-emerging. His polish is deteriorating, just as all of Hollywood braces for his blockbuster book-to-movie adaptation. When he appears on Kaye’s doorstep late one night in a rumpled tuxedo, erratic and agitated, it seems that romance with her ex might be her biggest leap yet. A string of failed relationships has pushed Samuel to the brink, the fall-out leaving him in a dark place—a place where Kaye is powerless to help him. She is reluctantly drawn back into Samuel’s glittering and backbiting world of celebrity, all the while clinging to the steadfast peaks of home.

Can Kaye risk her heart with Samuel a second time? Will they ever find their blue skies?

SKYGODS (Hydraulic #2)  

My review for the first book  Hydraulic Level Five




This book was perfection! Like the first book I was mesmerized by the writing, the story and the characters! It was so unique and realistic! I thought the first book was so emotional! But wait until you read this one! I'm so emotional after I finished this book! I still can't believe that I finished it. I want more Samuel and Kaye! OMG Sarah what did you do with my feelings? It was so much deeper especially when some new secrets were revealed...

This book begins where the previous left off. Kaye and Samuel has decided to give their relationship a second chance as friends and something more! They're finally spending more time together.. they have much to learn about each other's past and present. ..


But as time goes by new secrets will be revealed...
Can they get past them? Can they deal with them?
Is their love deep enough to keep them together?

I loved the characters so much! Both of them were unique and I would have them in my top list of favorite characters! Samuel...OMG I feel for him!mMore than the first book! He is so tortured... He has to deal with so many things..
But what kept him strong is Kaye! She is the light in his dark life! She is what he needs! I loved them together! They were meant to be together, their love story is so beautiful I also loved their playful moments! Kaye also proved how much she loves Samuel! She was there for him and she wanted to help him!


"Kaye,I'm not about to sacrifice our time together for my career."

Is it selfish that I want a Samuel for myself?I would like to say that this author is amazing!!! I hope that she will write more books soon!!

Please you must give this book a try!!! It will captivate you from the beginning!!!
everybody deserves a second chances!

I highly recommend it to everyone who loves books about second chances!!! Because everyone deserves a second chance!

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Twenty-three year old model Charley Whitlock built a quiet life for herself after disaster struck four years ago. She hides beneath her beautiful mask, never revealing her true self to the world... until she comes face-to-face with her new photographer -- sexy, possessive Jude Anderson. It's clear from the first time she meets him that she's playing by his rules. He says jump, she asks how high. He tells her to unzip her cream Dior gown; she knows she has to comply. But what if she wants him to take charge outside of the studio as well?

Jude Anderson has a strict "no model" dating policy. But everything about Charley sets his body on fire.

When a tropical photo shoot in Hawaii forces the stubborn pair into sexually charged situations, their chemistry can no longer be ignored. They'll have to decide if they're willing to break their rules and leave the past behind or if they'll stay consumed by their demons forever.

Will Jude persuade Charley to give in to her deepest desires?

Recommended for ages 17+ due to language and sexual situations.

Amazon --->




OMG Why I haven't read this book sooner???It was funny,sweet,hot and fast passed!The characters in this story are fantastic and the story so lovoable!!

Charley is a model but don't you think she is arrogant or too talkative but no no she is sweet,shy and quiet.On the other hand we have Jude who is a photographer.He is sexy and he knows it!He doesn't do relationships and the only thing he wants is sex.

But when he meets Charley something happens....You can instatly feel the attraction to each other..The scene when he has to take pictures of her it's so romantic!!


Charley has to deal with the demons of her past and Jude makes her come face to face with who she really is and that scares her a lot. Jude, on the other hand he is scared because he has feelings for Charley.

"I like driving you, Charley.
I don't care if we both go insane, as long as you stop fighting me.
Let me in."

I absolutely loved the relationship between these two!Their relationship developed slowly.I liked how they react to each other and this make me love them more!!They're just perfect for each other, and of course there was so much sexual tension between Jude and Charley!!!

"I don't want to go to bed.I want to be with you.
I want to feel you moving under me.
After everything that's happened, you make me
feel alive, like the last four years don't have to be what the rest of my life looks like."


I love this author so much!!!She knows how to write amazing books!!!She touched my heart with With This Heart and make me swooning with Scoring Wilder!And now with this book she makes me addicted reading whatever she writes!!! :))
I honestly loved it!!I hope maybe the author will consider to write a siquel because the ending was too short and I wanted to read more and more!!! :))
If you need something refreshing this is what you need!! 


What inspired you to write this book? It's your first book right?

 1. This story was inspired by a trip to New York I’d taken a year before writing it. I fell in love with the city (as people usually do) and wanted to write a love story set there. I loved the idea of having a main character like Charley – someone who is beautiful on the outside, but very troubled.

I was wondering what Jude and Charley are doing now?? 

Have you considered writing a sequel?

2. I’d imagine Charley and Jude are taking the modeling world by storm. Charley’s career was just about to blow up and now she has Jude by her side to help her along the way. There’s no sequel in the works for Charley and Jude. That might change in the future, but I’m happy where I left the story.
Tell us five things about yourself that you would like your readers to know.
3 – I am a huge reader and love everything from real crime novels to Pride & Prejudice. - I love desserts and usually have at least one piece of chocolate a day. - I am a reality TV addict. No shame! - Although I live where it’s hot nearly every month of the year, I really prefer cold weather! - I graduated from college with a background in medicine and architecture – both of which have really helped me with writing, oddly enough.
What genres of books do you enjoy to reading?
5. Hah. I answered this above, but right now I’m on a dystopian kick.
Tell us about your next book?
6. My next book is coming out in November and it’s called The Duet! It has the same tone as Scoring Wilder and I think fans will really enjoy it. The Duet follows Brooklyn Heart, but there will be a companion novel (stand-alone) coming out in Spring that follows her sister, Cameron Heart. I’m so excited to share the two with you guys!
Who is your favorite character in your books?
7. That’s impossible to answer, haha!! If I absolutely had to choose, I would pick Abby from With This Heart. I think she’s inspired a lot of people and for that, I’m grateful.<!--3-->
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Maybe Maby - Willow Aster


"Being with you makes me forget who I really am."

What a unique and briliant story!It was sweet and crazy!!!I really loved it!!I haven't read something like that before!I really didn't expected something like that when I start reading this!!It was refreshing and I didn't want to stop reading!!!The characters were lovable and made me want to know more and more about them!!I read it in one day!!!So you can understand how much I loved it!!!Before I start telling about the book I would like to say that I fell in love with Maby and Coen!!!!I will definately re-read this book again soon!!


Maby is not your typical character...she is a little different,she has a condition known as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.She is counting her steps, locking and unlocking her doors and she is washing or sanitizing her hands.Also she lost the important people in her life!Her boyfriend who broke up with her,her mother who died, and she has no friends. Her character was so unique!I loved her so much!!She is funny,sweet and quirky!!


But what will happen when she will meet the cute barista from La Colombe coffee shop??

"Do you feel this Maby?I could almost swear that you feel it too."

Coen was so perfect for Maby!!He is such a cute guy!!He had me swooning all the time!!OMG I finished the book and I'm still thinking about him! *sigh* He wants her so much!!!But she was afraid that she will destroy him.

"How about you let me decide the risk I'm willing to take?No one is perfect.I'm certainly not.I have had pretty good luck with my intuition though and I've always had a really good feeling about you."


But he isn't the only one who is in her life!There is still her ex-boyfriend Dalton who I didn't like at all and I can't believe that someday she was with him!!!Really he is a jerk!And Saul who was her friend and something has happened with them..but he decide to stay back..Now he is back and tries to start something with her!!

Like I said before Coen is my favorite and the one that I wanted with Maby!!They were so cute together!!And Coen's family was so good!!!

Please you must read this book!!!It was so real and unique!!Everybody must give it a shot!!!I hope you will like it as much as I do!!!

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Captured - Jasinda Wilder


"You captured me, and my life changed again. For better this time."

Wow what an intense and emotional read!!The story will take you on a wild ride you'll be crying one minute and then you will be happy!!It has all the package!!!Happy,sad and hot moments!I really love stories like this because the emotions you feel are so real!How difficult is to live with the fear waiting for your husband,your brother,your father who is in come back home alive?Everyday you're afraid because you might never see them again...This book made me cry a lot!!Especially in the first part which was really sad!!


This book was about lost,love and giving a second chanse in love..
Reegan and Derek find their way to each other after the loss of one person they they have to deal with the pain which is still in them...and to deal with the feelings they have for each other...

"What's happening? Here, between us."
"Something wrong? Something right? I don't even know."


I will not say anything else about the story because I think everybody must experiense this amazing story!!

I really liked Reegan!!She is such a strong character!!She was alone with a kid but she managed to be strong for her kid,she was an admirable character and a fighter!!!Everybody must take courage from her and mimick her behavior!And for Derek I will say that he is really a hero!!!They have a second chance in life!!

"You have to believe that I can and will love you, and be there for you, and be what you need, no matter how scary things get."


The sex scenes were so hot and intense!!Especially the one that was so long!!!I don't think I have ever read a scene like that!!!

Definately a book that everybody must read!!!

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Rival  - Penelope Douglas


This was really good!!!For one more time Penelope managed to captivate me with her characters!!!I was so excited when I saw that there is a new book from her!!I adored Bully and Until you.Tate and Jared were amazing!!And now we have Madoc's story!!
From the moment I read the synnopsis I was intrigued!Love/hate relationships always are the best!!Finally we can see and understand some of Madoc's reactions in the previous books and finally we can understand him better!!The characters were realistic and all the time I felt like I was into the story!!It was hot,funny and romantic!


Do you remember Madoc????He is Jared's best friend...and now we have his story...His step-sister is back..What happened in the past between them?
Their story is much deeper,they have a history..
So many things happen in this story...


I liked Madoc!!I thought Jared was the hot guy...but wait until you meet Madoc and know him better!!!And Fallon was also a good character!!She was a kick ass girl!!!What Madoc needed!! The chemistry between those two was hot!There was some steamy scenes and of course fighting!!I liked them together!!!They have amazing chemistry!!


Jax OMG!!!!He is amazing!!!I need his book now!!!!If you loved Bully and Until You then you definately love this one!!!

This is it for now!!!
I will add more thoughts to the release day!!:))

*ARC generously received in exchange for a honest review.*

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Hydraulic Level Five - Sarah Latchaw


This was a big surprise for me...because I wasn't sure if I love it.But believe me it was amazing and so unique!!It captivated me from the beginning and made me want to read more and more!! It was absolutily amazing!!!It was so realistic!!!I think everybody should give it a try!!!I loved it so much that I didn't have a problem that there wasn't sex in the book.You know sometimes books are much better without sex!!It was a book about love,friendship, betrayal ,hurt and second chances.


What do you think about second chances? Is it easy to give second chances? Is it worthy?

This is what exactly you will find in this book..

This is Samuel's and Kaye's story..They were friends when they were young and then they married..but something happened and they divorced...Now after years Kaye she will see Samuel again in his sister's wedding..


But Kaye hasn't dealt yet with the fact that they were not together and she is still in love with him!
Now they decide to give a second chance to themselves by becoming friends...But as the days past..Kaye will learn some things that she didn't know....Sam has still feelings for Kaye too..

But are they going to admit it?Can they forget and forgive?

Both characters were so realistic!They have many issues and some of the things they did was stupid but still I loved them so much!!Especially Samuel..He didn't has an easy childhood!He was a tormented author.I really liked him!I liked Kaye!She still cares for Sam but she afraid to give away what she really feels.I also loved a lot Samuel's family who were everybody lovable characters.The memories from their childhood was also beautiful!


The author's writing is so beautiful that I felt I was a part of the book!!!I got an ARC for the second book and I can't wait to start it and follow Sam's and Kaye's journey in the second book...which Lucia told me it's more I must prepare myself....before I start it!!I'm so anxious for the next book!!

If you are looking for something unique read it!!!

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New books just arrived :D

Lead Me Not - A. Meredith Walters


This book really perplexed me!So I decided that I must read it again!And I did it!!I didn't post any status because I wanted to be more concatrate and finally write my opinion about this one...The second time I read it was better because I understoond more things and now I can justify some of the characters' choices!This book is realistic.The author pragmatically us into one of the most prominent social phenomena,drugs.And how this affects the relationship between the user and other people.

Both characters were broken..for different reasons but somehow they have something in common.She is a student who is a drug counselor ,she has lost her sister from drugs and now she is in a group which help people who need help.She meets Max who is doing drugs..but also he has secrets...
What exactly makes her fall in love with him???
I really don't know..I even don't know how she fell in love so strongly for him...


Aubrey wasn't the best heroine...she pissed me a lot.I was wondering why she was with him..what she wanted?To save him??
I didn't feel that there is a relationship between them...or a friendship..

However the ending was interesting..making you to think what will happen...I saw that there will be a second book..I'm going to read it and see how the author will continue the story..
It's not an easy book and it's not happy...If you like realistic books then maybe it's for you....

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Dust to Dust - Karina Halle

5 STARS for my favorite book and for Perry, Dex <333



OMG Can you believe it????
It's over! I can't believe that the best series I have ever read has come to an end. I'm so sad! I will miss these characters and this story so much. Each book was so unique!! There is so many things that I loved about this series! This series is one of that you never want to end....It was an amazing journey! Like all the previous ones, this book was funny, sexy and really scary!!

The books starts with Dex missing. So Perry with Ada's and Maximous's help goes to New York to find Dex....
But what she will meet there??
Be prepared....And I advise... it's better to read this book during the day..(I made the mistake of reading it at night...and believe me it was scary!!!)


Have you ever had a huge crush with a fictional character that you'd always be thinking of him??? This is exactly what happened to me with Dex...This man...OMG He is smartass, sexy, sometimes a little bit of an asshole( not in the last books) but still I'm so in love with him! I loved his sarcastic comments and I will miss them...all of them!! And Perry..she is the best heroine ever!!! She is funny, strong and spunky!!!
Their combination was amazing as a couple and their hotness was off the charts!! There is so much passion between them!


Karina Halle is so talented!!! Please if you haven't read this series yet give it a try! I'm sure you will fall in love with Perry and Dex!!
I can't wait for Ada's book...and hopefully we can see Perry and Dex again <33
Thank you so much Karina for another amazing book!!! This was the series that made me love you as an author and believe in you and your talent to write amazing books that captivate readers!!!


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Broken: Flirt New Adult Romance (A Redemption Novel) - Lauren Layne

Wow this was really good! I loved it! The truth is these kind of books are my favorite! A guy with scars in his face is exactly what I'm looking for. From the beginning I couldn't put it down! The sexual tension between Paul and Olivia was off the charts! I loved the writing and the story was interesting! This is my first book from Lauren Lane and now I'm sure I will read her other books too!

This is Olivia's and Paul's story. Olivia has made a mistake and now she needs an escape. She wants to get away from her previous life, so she makes the decision to take a job as a caretaker. She thinks that the man she will meet is an old man instead she finds a beautiful man but still arrogant.

How will she deal with him?
Can she manage to make things work for her?


Paul doesn’t think of himself as the good looking football hero anymore but a disgusting man. Returning home from Afghanistan he's a completely changed man. Paul no longer wants to be around anyone. His father has sent many caretakers to try and help him but he didn't make it with anyone...
But now it is so different when he meets his new caretaker who is around his age with blonde hair and long legs....
Can he resist her?
Is she going to put away the walls he has created around himself?

"She makes me forget to breathe. She makes me forget everything."


Their relationship was at times times was scorching hot between them! I loved them both!! Oh poor Paul was broken inside and out.. I loved him so much! I love when books have both POVS because we can see what they both think! Olivia was tough and funny! Exactly what Paul needs!

A really beautiful book for everyone!

**ARC courtesy of publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**

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How We Deal With Gravity - Ginger Scott

How We Deal with GravityHow We Deal with Gravity by Ginger Scott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


What a beautiful and lovely story about a mother who struggles for the best for her son!!How easy is to be be alone with a child who has autism??This book made me think so many things about life!!!There were so many parts in this story that brought tears to my eyes sometimes for happy moments and other times for sad moments!!

Like I said this is Avery's story a single mother,her husband left her when he learns that his son was autistic.Now she lives with her father who helps her as much as he can.Enter Mason her crush from high school, who has broke her heart..


So when she learns that he will live with them in the same house what will happen?
Can she forget that he broke her heart,does she has still feelings for him???

Avery and Mason have changed drastically from 5 years ago...They are not the same people...

I really liked Avery!!She is an amazing character!!She is strong,taugh,sweet and romantic!!!She cares so much for her son,he is her priority!!!She is doing everything for him!!Mayson....mmmm I adored him!I liked so much the relationship he developed with Max(Avery's son) and also I liked the relationship he has with Avery's dad!!Except from hot he is also such a sweet boy :))) *sigh*


What I loved more about this book was that I felt like I was a part of the story from the beginning till the end!!!I don't know how it is to have a child but the story engaged me so it gets major points for that!!

I highly recommend it to anyone!

( Sorry guys,my review is so short but I'm not in the mood for long's so hot here and I'm working -.- hopefully I'll post a longer review soon)

ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange of an honest review.

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Jane's Harmony (Jane's Melody, #2) - Ryan Winfield


"You wanna know something?"
"I'm crazy in love with you." (Caleb)
(And I'm so in love with you Caleb *sigh* :))) )

What a lovely book!I really enjoed it!OMG how much I missed Caleb and Jane!!They're one of my favorite couples!I loved them in Jane's Melody and I adored them in Jane's Harmony!What I loved more about this series is that both books where so realistic!!

"You know something, Caleb,
I never new I could be so in love with anyone in all my life."


Like all the couples Jane and Caleb have to deal with different situations..The book begins where the previous left us, with Jane arrival to Austin to be with Caleb.And it isn't easy for her at the beginning!She left her comfortable life to stay in a small place.Caleb goes to Austin to follow his dream!And now finally he has an opportunity to appear on a reality TV show in LA.


Caleb is such a sweethart!!I love him so much!!!He cares for Jane and he tries to show it with every possible way!He makes whatever it needs to make her happy!!He is so in love with her!!He is so cute!!!I hope that still there are men like him somewhere in the world!!In this book we saw his character to developed!

Jane was funny and she doesn't give up to try to find a job!What I loved more about her is the fact that she always trusted Caleb and never doubted his faith on herand also the fact she was so happy to help Caleb with his dream was adorable!!I think this couple has the perfect relationship that all the girls want!

And if you think there aren't hot moments then you are wrong!!Wow this book is really hot!!!These characters except of be so sweet together they are so passionate too!!

I will miss these characters...I loved Ryan's writing,he done an amazing job!!!I hope soon we have a new story from him!

*ARC kindly provided by the author for an honest review**
Thank you so much Ryan and Atria books
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Pretty much...

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Break the Sky - Nina Lane

This book was perfection!!!Like all Nina's books!!!I am a big fan of Nina's Lane!I was mesmerised by her writting in Spiral of Bliss series, and I wanted to read whatever she would write!!When I saw that she has a new book with Dean's friend Kelsey I was so happy!!!I devoured this book so much!Nina's writing is magnificent!!

Kelsey is Dean's best friend.She is a professor too.She wants to be respectable from her students and the other professors.She cares a lot about her reputation and she wants to have control in her life.

But what will happen when she met Archer,Dean's brother????Can she resist him???


I don't think that there is someone who can resist Archer West!!!!OMG he is so hot!!!Archer is a bad badboy!!He is sexy as helland so bossy in bed and with Kelsey ;))) I liked him a lot!!!I liked how their relationship developed between Kelsey and Archer.Their relationship was like fireworks!!They were opposites in character but they fitted like the pieces of puzzle!

What can I say about the hot scenes????OMG so scorching hot!!!Really I liked how bossy Archer was in bed :)) and Kelsey liked too!!!


I loved this book so much!!!!God I can't choose if I liked more Archer or Dean!!!I liked both of them!They are different in so many ways!!!But I loved them both!!!I higly recommend it to all Nina's fan,to people who like bad boys ;) and to fans of Spiral of Bliss series!!

Get ready and meet the bad boy Archer!!!! :)))


Full review to come at 30 July in the blog tour!!

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